The q4pm core competency:

Managing complex infrastructure projects operationally and strategically

Large infrastructure projects are usually highly complex for several reasons: on the one hand, several conflicting interests of the parties are to be aimed at a common goal – customers and various contractors, authorities and regulations, citizens’ interests, and environmental interests. On the other hand, such projects often involve uncertainties that require flexible answers.

Our large, international experience, technical know-how, management expertise, holistic approach and continuous development enable us to create real added value for our customers. We call it

„Truly Successful Infrastructure Projects“.

Our customers appreciate the fact that they feel fully cared for and face the challenges of a complex infrastructure project.

Our approach is the holistic management and realization of complex infrastructure projects. The following work areas therefore belong to our range of services:

  • program control
  • project management
  • project management
    • > appointment management
    • > cost managementt
    • > risk management
    • > Interface management
    • > contract management
  • project engineer
    • > Technical equipment
    • > Control and fuse technology / ETCS
    • > telecommunications
    • > Construction / superstructure / fixed track
  • project assistance
  • integrated communication
  • regulation and document control
  • project controlling
  • project coaching
  • project review